International calling cards

International calling cards allow you to preload money onto a card, and then use the card to make international calls.

PowerUP cards from AnnSystem

By the end 2012 AnnSystem launched PowerUP line of prepaid calling cards from United States to India and South Korea. Later, 2013 AnnSystem also launched calling cards for Turkey and as December 2013 AnnSystem has launched calling cards for Latin America.

Calling cards available from AnnSystem are:
  • PowerUP South Korea $5, $10, $20, $50
  • PowerUP Turkiye $2, $5
  • PowerUP India $2, $5
  • PowerUP Latin America $2, $5

For latest rates visit AnnSystem PowerUP

Company website is AnnSystem

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iTel Switch of REVE Systems comes with advanced calling card platform for service providers, who want to offer calling cards services. End user will enjoy PIN-less calling card facilities, which means they no longer need to enter PIN number to make calls. Once they have registered their phone number, all the calls made on that phone will be tracked by the Billing Software of the service provider. The user can add the caller ID automatically through IVR.
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