Interoute - Arena


Interoute - Arena

Commission free voice exchange for carriers, ISPs and voice resellers

Interoute have created the World's first commission free voice exchange; giving you the ability to exchange traffic securely and flexibly with other operators around the world. Based on the latest VoIP technology and operating over the densest international soft switching platform, Arena will become a free trading and interconnect service to operators across the globe.

Arena | Product features and benefits

Trading made simple

Being part of Arena means no more charges for trading your traffic to unknown carriers at trading houses; with a no per minute transaction charge, you can trade for free with a large community of carriers around the Globe. Via Interoute's secure Web Portal, you can join a public domain or create your own private ones, giving you the ability to openly and honestly select who and when you wish to trade traffic with.

Expand your horizons

Arena acts as a meeting point to operators around the world; meaning you can gain access to Arena partners wherever they may be located – so trading with them outside your existing geography becomes very simple and low cost.

Prioritise your traffic streams

Arena uses Call Admission Control at the border of your network which means you can prioritise traffic streams coming into your network and reject unprofitable calls before they reach your Switching platform. Enabling you to prioritise important customers traffic streams, ensuring they receive your high quality supplier capacity.

Ease of interconnectivity

Arena offers a flavour of connection methods including ISDN, TDM, IP, DS3 and SDH with fully supported protocols; C7 ETSI V2, ANSI SS7 , Q931, H323 and SIP, allowing you to easily join the club and take advantage of the services being offered.

Gain speed to market

Gain dramatic speed to market using the latest technology, limitless bandwidth, expert engineering and support services.

Access to Global partners

Launch partners on Arena include carriers, both national and global offering and seeking routes worldwide, including Swisscom, Streamdoor, VSNL and many more in many Geographies outside your own.

Significantly reduce your costs

  • Infrastructure costs

Arena is based on softswitching platform which means you can use VoIP to seamlessly interconnect with everyone and cut the maintenance of huge numbers of costly inflexible TDM interconnects. Arena avoids the problem of having to allocate fixed capacity to all your partners, reducing costs of your network.

  • Local Loop , international bandwidth

Arena gives you immediate interconnection to 250 Telehouses in sixteen countries, at no additional cost. Meaning significant savings in Local loop, international bandwidth and Telehousing.

  • Provisioning and Engineering

Arena adds further value to your network. Your interoperability, connection and management of multiple VoIP interconnect problems will be smoothed away by Interoute's expert VoIP teams, therefore saving you recruiting your own expensive VoIP employees.

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