Intertex SurfinBird IX67

Intertex SurfinBird IX67

The SurfinBird IX67 is a new generation of combined router and firewall. It takes the previous rewarded Intertex firewalls to a new dimension. The new SurfinBird IX67 models have higher capacity, better functionality and more IP telephony features based on the SIP standard. The SurfinBird IX67 comes with the following options: VPN gateway, wireless accesspoint, telephony ports (FXO and FXS) and the SIP switch (for PBX like features).

SIP does not traverse conventional firewalls and NAT routers! The IX67 has a built-in SIP proxy and registrar that dynamically controls the frewall and NAT for full SIP support. What separates the Intertex products from most competitiors is that thay actually make SIP communication available to all devices on the LAN, whether they are softclients, SIP phones or ATA-boxes.

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Where to buy (Distributor)

  • .e4 Technologies Authorized USA Distributor for Reseller Pricing list call 877-434-8647

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