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Jive Communications is an established player in Voice-over-IP telephone services with a unique business model. Headquartered in Orem, Utah, Jive offers its small business clients unlimited domestic calling plans at very competitive rates. Building on that, its large host of business-essential options makes it a very viable option for business telephony needs.

Pricing Options

Jive Small Business, which is the Jive offering for businesses that have between one and 100 phones, comes in pricing tiers that depend on the number of users. Between one and four users, the service costs $29.95 per phone per month, between five and nine - $25.95, between 10 and 24 – $23.95, between 25 and 49 – $21.95 and $19.95 per user per month for businesses with 50 or more users. Especially at the lower user amounts, this is a very cost-effective offering considering that this pricing includes unlimited calling time.

In addition to the Jive Small Business plan, Jive also offers an Enterprise plan for businesses with over 100 phones, as well as specialized Voice-over-IP solutions for the Hospitality, K12 and Higher Education and Government applications. Pricing on those options is worked out on a case-by-case basis with the Jive sales department.

Minutes and Phone Numbers

Jive Communications offers unlimited calling within the United States proper – the 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Calls to Canada and the US Territories such as Puerto Rico or American Samoa are charged as international calls at 3 cents per minute. Toll-free calls likewise are assessed a fee of 1.9 cents per minute.

One phone number comes included in all of the pricing tiers, with additional numbers available for an additional $1.75 per month each if you have more than four phones. For businesses on the one-to-four phone plan, each extra phone number is $5 per month extra. You have the ability to transfer both your local numbers and toll-free numbers to Jive Small Business for a one-time fee of $15 each. The same one-time $15 fee can also get you a true 1-800 phone number if one is available.

Setup, Installation, and Service

Jive Small Business, as well as most of its other offerings, has an incredibly low set-up time. In fact, Jive ships its phones to sites pre-programmed and already set up. All it takes in order to start taking and making phone calls to just plug the phones in. This simple set-up procedure applies to both its new business customers as well as to existing accounts that wish to add new phones to their system.

In addition to the very easy and straightforward installation, Jive Small Business offers excellent customer service. The company’s service agents are knowledgeable and effective troubleshooters and are very easy to work with. In addition to troubleshooting, the customer service representatives are also effective trainers, walking clients through both setting up features and using them most effectively. Jive’s customer service is US-based, which means both high quality and prime business-hours availability for their service.


Jive distinguishes itself from many of its competitors by offering all of its business features free of charge to all client tiers in the Jive Small Business package. This includes features like multi-option call monitoring, where an administrator can listen in on a call and choose to be heard by only the agent, both agent and client or neither of the two parties. It also includes standard features like conference calling, call queues, and custom greeting and hold music.

A distinguishing feature of Jive’s software is its drag-and-drop Dial Plan Editor. The Editor allows you to set up and edit the flow of calls into and out of your business using a simple visual drag-and-drop interface. This allows you to see and change exactly who each call is directed to depending on options chosen by the caller, agent availability, time of day and a myriad of other options. You can create multiple dial plans and attach them to schedules, so that, for example, incoming calls are directed to the front desk during business hours, to your cell phone after closing and to your business partner’s cell phone if you are on vacation. Together with unlimited extensions and the ability to group phones and users into groups, this makes it very fast and very easy to set up the right call flow for even a very large business with many phone lines.

Another great feature offered by Jive is its Mobility cell-phone application. While there is a $20 one-time fee for every authorized user, the Mobility service can be invaluable to a small business. It offers all the features of a user’s desk phone on their laptop, tablet or cell phone through the app interface. That means that, effectively, a user can be “by the phone” even while traveling, in a meeting or at home. This gives the Jive service incredible flexibility.

In addition to those features, Jive also offers desktop integration for its phone service. That means that phone numbers can be dialed by simply clicking them in your web browser or Microsoft Outlook. This feature integrates very well with desktop-based customer resource management systems, allowing one to dial calls directly from the CRM interface.


Jive Communication’s Voice-over-IP offerings are different than most of their competitors. By offering unlimited talk time for domestic calls at a very good price, Jive makes a compelling value-price proposition. Its suite of productivity maximization and phone line management features as well as easy set-up and installation make it stand out from its competitors. The feature set is especially helpful to smaller businesses that rely on a lot of domestic calling as part of its business model. Unlimited domestic minutes, browser and CRM integration and easy-to-use dial plan management cut down on a lot of overhead that comes with increasing call volume. The Mobility service helps maximize effective phone use by extending your phone network to anywhere there is a cell data connection. In a small office, that means the key decision-makers are never away from their desks. Jive Small Business is an excellent Voice-over-IP option that is a great solution for many small business owners.

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