JusTex by Juphoon company

JustTex is a SIP-based softphone with functionalities of voice call, video communication, conference, etc. available on iPhone, iTouch and iPad. It could be used as an extension phone when it is connected to an IP-PBX, Softswitch or IMS.

Note: To use JusTex, you need to get a SIP account from SIP provider first.

- Auto sync local contacts
- Regular call is available without login or IP network
- Voice call
Voice codec : iLBC,PCMU,PCMA,G722, iSAC, opus ( If you need G.729, AMR-NB, please contact sales@juphoon.com)
- Mute, speaker, DTMF, add call, call transfer
- Echo cancellation, VAD (Voice Activity Detection)
- QoS : help improve voice and video call quality
- Call conference (local mix): iPhone5 supports 6 participants, iPhone4S supports 5 participants, and iPhone4 supports 4 participants.
- Video call
Video codec : VP8, H264
- Prefix function
- Available under 3G and Wi-Fi

To download the software, please links to App Store

For more product information, please check <http://www.juphoon.com>.
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