Official website KeethaMailPhone home page The CeylonSoft KeethaMailPhone System is a Java-based communications platform that delivers voice mail, email, and FAX messaging in a unified environment. This system enables you to access all your messages on your desktop PC, through a voice-activated or touch-tone telephone, or over the Internet. We have built the system from the ground up to take full advantage of Java, Speech Recognition, VoIP and Text-to-Speech technologies, and to deliver mission-critical performance and reliability.

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KeethaMailPhone 1100

This is the entry level phone system that is capable of providing all features of KeethaMail with combination of KeethaMailOnline. You can order this system with VoIP, Analog or T1.

KeethaMailPhone 2100

This is an all-in-one system. It includes the phone system and KeethaMail Enterprise system. 

KeethaMailPhone 5100

This is a system that contain a phone system, KeethaMail Enterprise system and Phone/Voice/Fax capable system. It can be expanded to handle VoIP phones, Analog phones or Digital (T1) phones.

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