Kentrox Q-Series Q2300

Many of today’s companies are running or considering running voice and video over IP, in addition to their data traffic. It is crucial, however, that these real-time applications do not suffer in performance when competing with bursty data/Web traffic for WAN bandwidth. To help ensure these critical applications perform well, Kentrox introduces the Q-Series QoS Access Routers, which include the functionality of a full-featured Quality-of-Service (QoS) appliance.

Right out of the box, the Q-Series Router prioritizes video and voice with its default QoS settings. Additionally, the Q-Series lets users set up policies to further optimize application performance. They can then graphically monitor network traffic to see whether critical applications are performing as expected, and tweak settings as necessary.

In addtion to supporting VoIP, the Q2300 Ethernet QoS Access Router integrates the functions of six devices to provide an all-in-one networking solution for small to medium offices. With Q-Series, customers get the functions of an IP router, QoS appliance, Virtual Private Network (VPN) appliance, firewall, WAN access device and Ethernet switch – all in a single, affordable device. Integrating six devices into a single unit significantly reduces capital outlay and management and maintenance expenses over the life of the product.

Kentrox Q-Series Access Routers are designed to be easy enough for less experienced staff to install and set up. The embedded, Web-style graphical user interface (GUI) is simple, intuitive and requires no special training. The free Q-Series Test Drive on our Web site quickly shows how easy the point-and-click GUI is. The guided tour shows how users can utilize the interface to troubleshoot problems, run QoS reports, make configuration changes, set up traffic-shaping policies, or just check the health of the network.

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