Lesula Asterisk Contact Center Supervisor Tool let you monitor your Asterisk installation. No middle-ware software needed, LesulaCC will directly connect to your Asterisk Manager Interface (AMI), giving you a real-time management solution which brings information together and provides coherent and useful answers.

No additional configuration needed (apart manager.conf privileged account), LesulaCC is able to connect every Asterisk Box.

LesulaCC allows Contact Center Supervisors to monitor or be alerted to Queues performance in real-time, wherever they are located.

LesulaCC 1.4 Enhancements

  • Awesome new graphical user interface.
  • It's now possible to bookmark peers and show bookmarked only in Peers List.
  • Added support for Hold, Transfer, Park and Hangup action.
  • A new more usable softkeyboard.
  • Introduction of realtime graphical charts.
  • New remote manager poller (no need to reset app when in background).
  • Lot of bugfixes in channel status handler.
  • New notification system.
  • Main app icon reworked.

LesulaCC main features are

  • Agents and Peer status supervising (Idle, Alerting, Busy, Caller/Callee Number, etc.).
  • Inbound and outbound call volume.
  • Call Detail.
  • Call Actions (Hold, Transfer, Park and Hangup).
  • Talking time.
  • Handle time.
  • Queues Call Details.
  • Agents Call Details.
  • Abandoned calls.
  • Asterisk Dialplan Realtime Debug.
  • Call Quality Realtime Debug.
  • Data exposed by detailed Charts.

LesulaCC can also store multiple Contact Center profiles a let Supervisor automatically connect them.

LesulaCC is also shipped in a lite version!!!
Just try lite version before buy full one. Lite version is intended to test product in order to fit your needs and to check own device compatibility.

LesulaCC Lite Limitations:

  • Only 5 Peers shown in the main screen.
  • Just 1 queue will be handled.
  • Supervised Agents are limited to 3.
  • 50 debugging lines will be shown in dialplan debugger.
  • Only 1 call is shown in real time call quality debugger.

You can download LesulaCC App from following resources:


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