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Lingo Review

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has managed to revolutionize how the world communicates within a short period. Owing to the technology, people can now get in touch with each other at any time and from anywhere around the world. The technology is cheap, and everyone is embracing it. But this piece will not focus on how VoIP is changing the world. No! Instead, it will focus more on VoIP providers, particularly Lingo Inc. Who are they? What makes them stand out from other VoIP service provider? Are their services worth it?

Lingo Inc.

Founded in 2004, Lingo is a VoIP provider based in Mclean, Virginia. The company is a subsidiary of Primus Telecommunication Canada Inc. Lingo offers phone plans for nationwide and international calling.

The Good

  • A Variety Of Services

The Company has multiple service options for limited and unlimited calling throughout Canada and the United States. It also offers a decent range of options for international calling to 50 countries and mobile phone support in 25 countries. Regardless of the service one chooses, all Lingo's VoIP plans include free activation and free equipment.

  • Its Home Plan Is Relatively Cheap

When compared to other VoIP providers such as Vonage, AT&T CallVantage, and 8x8, Lingo's rate plans are top-notch. The company's home plan costs $5 less than Vonage's home plan, which costs $19.95 per month.

  • 20 Plus Additional Features

The VoIP provider offers most of the standard features that people look for in VoIP services. All Lingo's plans also come with more than 20 features including caller ID, E911, call waiting, free phone number transfer, simultaneous ring, and speed dialing. Users can also pay additional charges to enjoy other additional features such as softphone, mobile service, fax line, and a toll-free number.

  • Excellent Call Quality

Lingo's call quality is reasonable but has more interference than other VoIP services. This explains why Lingo's call quality is rated average by most users. Regular International callers may find the universal phone number and the company's 30-day money-back guarantee useful. For local calling, however, there are more reliable and stable VoIP alternatives.

  • Flexibility

One other feature that makes Lingo stand out is its innovative services that give its users flexibility. For instance, users can choose the area code that suits their needs and wants. Domestic calling rates are applicable for all calls made within the selected area code, regardless of whether the user is in that region or not. Customers can also use the lingo phone adaptor to transport their number internationally. This service is currently available in 16 countries.

  • Lingo's Installation Process Is Straightforward

When one signs up for Lingo's services, the VoIP provider sends them a Primus telephone adapter. Once they receive the adapter, all they have to do is to follow the printed setup instructions, which are simple and easy to understand. However, one should ensure they read the instructions thoroughly because any mistake can cause major technical problems for the entire connection. Lingo's website is also easy for first-timers to use. Their FAQ section is also well organized for easy navigation.

The bad

  • Unlimited Service Plan Can Be Expensive

Lingo's unlimited service plan is limited to 2,200 minutes per month. If this limit is reached, the company can, at its own discretion, move a user to a more expensive plan, forcing the user to pay more than they bargained for initially. To prevent this from happening, one should be careful when choosing the plan they want and should have a good idea of how many minutes they expect to use per month. Failure to do so, they may be moved to an expensive plan and pay much more than they initially expected.

  • One Cannot Access Lingo's Mobile-Only Plans Using An iPhone

Lingo's mobile-only plans are designed to make international calls easy and cheap. However, these plans are very expensive and are not available for iPhone devices.

  • Additional Fees

Users pay additional fees on top of each plan. These additional fees include an administrative, compliances, and regulatory fees.

  • Poor Customer Service

Lingo's tech support is available 24/8. However, this company's history of unsatisfactory customer services and billing issues make it an unattractive VoIP provider. Most customers complain that Lingo's salespersons are generally unfamiliar with the products and services provided. Customers also complain that the company's technical support team is often difficult to get hold of.

The Bottom Line

  • America Essential - This is Lingo's cheapest plan. It costs $9.95 per month and includes 500 minutes within Canada and the United States. Overages for this plan cost 4c per minute.

  • American Unlimited - This plan offers unlimited calling services to Canada and US at $22.95 per month, with the first month free. Those who don't want the monthly American Unlimited plan go for the annual plan, which costs $250 per year.

  • World Select - This is an international calling plan that offers unlimited calling inside the United States and also to fifty countries for $23.95 per month.

  • Mobile Calling - Lingo's mobile-only plans cost $23.95 per month and are available for android and blackberry devices. One can use this plans to make unlimited calls to 45 countries including the US and Canada.

  • Hardware - Lingo's free equipment and free activation services are valued at $104.95. If one needs reactivation, however, it can cost them up to $25. They should expect to pay for any handling and shipping charges. If a customer does not return the equipment within 14 days, they will be responsible for any return charges.


Lingo provides decent call quality, and its services are easy to install. However, should one require their technical support, they should be aware that many customers have complained before about Lingo's response time and poor customer support.

For regular international callers, travelers or business people, they should take advantage of Lingo's universal phone number. For local calling, however, Lingo is a less desirable VoIP provider when compared to other companies that have more effective features and plans. The mobile-only plans may be useful to those that don't have a home service and make regular international calls. This option is expensive though and is not available for iPhone users.

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