Linksys, a division of Cisco Systems, Inc., current offerings - VoIP, Wireless and Ethernet networking for home, SOHO (Small Office, Home Office) and small business users. Based in Irvine, California,


Some of the current Linksys VoIP products in North America are locked to the Vonage service.
If you buy one, it can only be used to connect to Vonage.
The model numbers that end in -NA are the generic ones that can be used with any service.

See Linksys PAP2 Unlocking Methods for more information

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See also Sipura which now a part of Linksys


  • Doretel Communications, Inc. VoIP Solutions Provider, VoIP CPE Provider, Wholesale VoIP Service Provider
  • VOIP PBX for business great prices software only choose your own server. Contact
  • Ireland , UK , pricing available
  • Open Innovation We have developed a phone provisioning platform called Contacta able to configure remotely and provision the most used IP phones such us Polycom, Thomson, Linksys. Contacta manages also Asterisk Real Time configuration and it implements services such as boss multi-assistants, conference reservation, ...
  • RCALLSHOP: - SPA/PAP CallShop Solution.
  • RCONFIG: - Free SPA/PAP easy configuration.
  • SipTar CallShop: - Linksys / Sipura SPA/PAP / Mediatrix / HTTEL CallShop Solution. Download:

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  • 2006-11-15 Now you can download the provisioning files, including spc.exe, without draconian requirements at:
  • 2006-05-18 WiFi phone article mentions WIP300 lists at $219.99 and WIP330 lists at $369.99 and are now available
  • 2005-09-27 Steps to UNLOCK the PAP2:,14450684
  • 2004-10-22 The Linksys -NA models have been withdrawn from general distribution by Linksys.
However you can purchase these products if you are a service provider and follow these steps:
    • Open an account with one of the distributors listed here
    • After your account is open, contact Linksys to have your account authorized to purchase these products (this may take several days)
    • Once the distributor receives authorization from Linksys you may place orders for the product.
  • 2004-09-19 Non-Vonage models of Linksys SIP ATA (PAP2-NA) and Router/ATA (RT31P2-NA) listed in online stores
  • 2004-xx-xx Linksys Wireless router with built-in SIP ATA
  • 2004-08-25 Official Linksys announcement for PAP2 and RT31P2 Press Release
  • 2004-08-20 Linksys partners with Sipura for new combination Router/SIP ATA Voxilla Story

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VoIP Supply Largest Online Retailer of VoIP Hardware and Software Components.

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