Linksys-Cisco SPA400


General Description

Internet Telephony Gateway with 4 FXO Ports
Advanced Multi-Port PSTN Gateway Solution for the Linksys Voice System

  • Functions as an Analog Line Gateway for a Linksys Voice System VoIP Network
  • Integrated Voicemail Application Server with up to 32 Voicemail Accounts
  • Perfectly Suited to Connect up to 4 Analog Lines
  • Enables Linksys Voice System Users to Leave and Playback Voicemail Messages
  • Designed only to be deployed with the Linksys SPA9000 (but can be used with Asterisk)

The SPA400 features the ability to connect up to four (4) standard analog telephones lines to a Linksys Voice System (LVS) VoIP network and includes the additional benefit of an integrated voicemail application. The SPA400 utilizes multiple analog phone lines and automatically routes calls to and from your existing PSTN telephone service. Designed to be implemented with the LVS IP Telephony System, the SPA400 enables cost-conscience business users to leverage the high value features generally found only on more expensive PBX equipment.

The SPA400 also includes an integrated voicemail application supporting up to 32 voicemail accounts or boxes with customized greetings, providing LVS users the ability to receive and playback voicemail messages from their Linksys IP Phones.

The SPA400 supports four (4) RJ-11 FXO ports to connect to the PSTN and also includes one 10/100 BaseT RJ-45 Ethernet interface that is used to connect to the local IP network. Compact in design, the SPA400 is perfectly suited for a small business in providing reliable operation for both VoIP and PSTN voice communication service.

Installed by the service provider, reseller, or end user, the SPA400 enables transparent PSTN gateway functionality for a VoIP telephony network and is a key element in building a solid business communications system.


  • Can individual lines be setup on separate SIP accounts, or alterantively, is possible to tell which line an incoming call is on?
== In the SPA400 Web Configuration Interface select setup/SPA9000 interfaces/
You have 4 Port ID text area with default name PortID1, PortID2, ...
For Asterisk In your sip.conf and in the context of the SPA400 you can use :
exten => PortID1, 1, Dial(xxxx) for example
exten => PortID2, 1, .....

  • Is it possible to group lines for the purposes of outbound calling, as opposed to using all 4?
== Actually groupng lines, or select distinctive line for outbound call is impossible.

  • Is it possible to specify FXO port to call out?
== Since fw, yes (thanks to <a href=>this</a> manual. Simply prefix the number You want to dial with the port, You want to use:
Dial(SIP/spa_400_ip/L2003612345678) ; - that will use Line2 to dial out


Latest Firmware is 1.0.0.a
Available at Linksys Downloads

Outstanding Bugs

Bugs here are outstanding with current firmware release. ALL new bugs must be intitially posted as "unconfirmed". If you can validate an unconfirmed bug and you did not create the initial post, please change unconfirmed to "confirmed".

MAJOR bugs are bugs which fall short of documented or described operation and have no workaround. MINOR bugs are like MAJOR, but have a workaround. TWEAK bugs are when the phone operates in a way that is obviously different than one would intuitively expect, but does not hamper the operation. FEATURE REQUESTS are requested new features to improve the phone and are in their own section below.

Fixed Bugs

(Move bugs above here as they get resolved to help keep things uncluttered. Please note which firmware release fixed the bug.)

Feature Requests

Currently need to select distinctive line for outbound call. It could be realized like independent registration of each port
register => Port1@spa400_ip_addr/Port1
register => Port2@spa400_ip_addr/Port2
register => Port3@spa400_ip_addr/Port3
register => Port4@spa400_ip_addr/Port4
and then
exten => X.,1,Dial(SIP/Port1/${EXTEN})

fix: Now it's working, like this: DIAL(SIP/spa400_ip_addr/L2${EXTEN}) ; use L1 to L4 for selecting FXO port

or use different signalling port for each port, mean

spa400_ip_addr:5060 for Port1
spa400_ip_addr:5061 for Port2
spa400_ip_addr:5062 for Port3
spa400_ip_addr:5063 for Port4

Undocumented Features

Additional Information

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