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RPM packages are available.

The readline and readline-devel packages are no longer required to be present on the system that you want to install Asterisk on. Asterisk comes with its own readline implementation called "editline".

Standard RedHat installations include sox, but do not include soxmix, unfortunately. "soxmix" comes in handy if you want to merge recordings created by the Monitor() application, so do consider to install/ upgrade sox & soxmix.

RedHat specific scripts can be found in /usr/src/asterisk/redhat. Also, on the Digium CVS you can find RedHat related scripts in the 'contrib' directory below the 'asterisk' tree.

If you run "make config" in /usr/src/asterisk you'll also have the RedHat specific startup script put into place.

RedHat 7.x

Replace mpg321 with mpg123

Some users report problems with using PHP 4.1.2 for AGI scripts (Dec. 2003).

RedHat 8

Read Andy Powell's install guide!

Replace mpg321 with mpg123

Some users report problems with using PHP 4.1.2 for AGI scripts (Dec. 2003).

valgrind: there is a suppression file to be found in /usr/src/asterisk/contrib for RH8.

RedHat 9

Redhat 9 package requirement

Read WipeOut's install guide!

Replace mpg321 with mpg123

Issue this command before launching asterisk (with stock redhat 9 kernels).
RedHat 9 and Fedora kernels have a new feature that are not present in the kernels provided by Native Posix Threads. This causes all sort of problems for different * applications, e.g. voicemail. To override this new kernel feature, you have to start your affected programs with that enviroment variable set before:

export LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4.1

Should you, for example, have chosen to start * automatically at boot time as user root through /etc/rc.d/rc.local/ then add this line before your "/usr/sbin/safe_asterisk" statement.

RedHat Enterprise

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