LiveVOIP is in Bankruptcy

... and has ceased operation

LiveVoip LLC has Ceased Operations and Filed for Bankruptcy. This action was taken after the company was unable to resolve issues with carriers over billing, mass credit card fraud, suppliers not delivering on what they had been paid for among other things.

A Stay Order is in effect at this time and all questions must be directed to our company lawyer. Creditors will be hearing from the Courts in due course.

LiveVoip LLC

United States Federal Bankruptcy Court District Montana
Case: 05-62057 LiveVoip LLC

Company Lawyer: Robert Kampfer Esq. 406.727.9540

User Comments

  • 2005-06-26 - KEEP YOUR LIVEVOIP TOLL FREE DIDs - by netrio

Win Back Your LiveVOIP DIDs and Your Customers (hopefully).
Instead of waiting 10 days (or more depeding on the situation) to get the DIDs transfered, you can get them in a DAY!
I just got my Toll Free Numbers BACK and it's SUNDAY!
Get your account number and username/pass (to prove you are customer). Email that and your DIDs to You can refer to the situation by saying that Ethan Lee (me) was able to get his LiveVoip DIDs back and you want yours too. They'll be busy, but my working numbers are proof that they'll help. Telesthetic is LiveVoip's toll free carrier. Contact me if you have any questions or problems with this.

Almost forgot. This is for TOLL FREE DIDS. Also, give them the IP of your asterisk or a ring down number for fowarding.

  • 2005-06-26 - ( A personal statement about LiveVOIP, and the reasons for their demise - bbarnett)
  • 2005-06-26 - (:evil:) URGENT! LiveVOIP has filled for Bankrupcy! This means all your DIDs are DEAD!
We have called Eureka Networks and they helped do an emergency port on our toll free numbers. It's a start to pick up the peices!
Customers on Monday are going to be PiXXed! Since you can NOT port those DIDs to another provider...
the court wont let LiveVOIP release them! Please post advice, info and other stuff here!
(Our company is going to loose hundreds of customers because of this!)

Tollfree gateways in many countries, USA 800 origination at 1.29 cents a minute. Asterisk termination at 1.2 cents a minute. Prepay, the number of simultaneous outgoing calls is determined by how much you prepay.


[05/05/05] Stay as far away from this company as possible. First they suddently dropped all of our DID's one weekend - then later told us we'd never get them back, and it was because of their upstream provider. The audio is always horrible, the support is even worse if not non-existent. Their web interface is poor. Their switch doesn't hang up, and bills for 100000+ minute calls (at YOUR EXPENSE!). Last thing they did to us was; since we refused to open a support account through their website and wanted e-mail support like we had alwys had before, they cancelled our account and all our DID's. Stay far, far away. We now use Junction Networks - those guys are AWESOME!

[06/25/05] They are down and have no eta as to when they will be back. I guess we'll see if they come back :-)
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