Loud Enviroment Ring Bell or Siren

This solution is designed for installation in large offices, workshops or factory areas with a high ambient noise level. This solution can been adapted to suit an individual's requirements.

In this solution our customer required the following: One telephone extension located in a busy & noisy garage workshop, handset needed to be durable and tough. Due the background noise of the garage the customer required a siren or bell to sound when the handset rang.

We installed the following:

  • Linksys PAP2T (configured as an extension on the VoIP PBX)
  • BT Elements Dect Cordless Phone (IP54, Weatherproof, Rugged)
  • Bedlam Loud Tonecaller (IP66, 105dBA)
  • REN Booster as the ATA did not provide enough ring voltage to power the Tonecaller

We originally attempted to attach the Tonecaller as a device attached to the ATA. Unfortunately the PAP2T along with most ATA's only produce a max ring voltage of 50v, the Tonecaller requires between 60-100v to function. A simple addition of the REN booster supplied enough power on ring for the Tonecaller to sound.


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