Low Bandwidth VOIP

Although voice quality may suffer, VOIP can be used over a dial-up Internet or other low bandwidth connection.

Some users have reported being able to use the Vonage service over dial-up, although Vonage doesn't offically support this.

Hints for Low Bandwith VOIP
  • OrbisTelecom offer G.711 and other low codecs with thier software.
  • Choose your codec to minimize bandwidth — experiment those available in your system

Some companies seem cater to the low bandwidth market - for example:
  • REVE SystemsiTel Byte Saver helps VoIP service providers offer their services in geographical areas where VoIP calls are blocked by firewalls.
  • PCPhoneline.comH.323 and SIP products support G.723.1/G.711 codecs and work with dialup connections as low as 19.2 kbps. Prices under $50
  • IPmental — says requires minimum 10Kbps
  • CuPhone — says requires minimum dialup
  • Azatel — SIP ATA for dial-up Internet connections

Services offically supporting low bandwidth VOIP
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