Lumicall is an open-source GPL SIP dialer for Android

Relationship with SIPdroid

Lumicall started as a fork of the SIPdroid project. However, it has undergone significant enhancement under the umbrella of the project, some of the new features are:

  • ENUM dialing integrated with the Android dialer
  • ZRTP and SRTP encryption
  • SIP over TLS (SIPdroid only supports regular UDP and TCP)
  • Full support for ICE/STUN/TURN media relays, the official IETF-backed solution for NAT traversal (SIPdroid only supports legacy STUN)
  • Push-to-talk (PTT) walkie talkie mode
  • Support for multiple SIP accounts (SIPdroid only supports 2 accounts)
  • G.729 fully integrated in the source code so it can be easily enabled by anyone wishing to experiment with or study the codec in a manner that is compatible with their rights under the patent system

Instant provisioning using phone numbers: an open alternative to Viber

Like Viber, Lumicall offers an easy provisioning facility. The user installs the app on the phone and is asked to make a missed call to the Lumicall server.

The call is not answered - the user typically gets a busy tone. However, at this point, the server has seen the user's number and registered them.

Any user can then call any other user, just by using the phone numbers they already have in the address book of their phone.

ENUM integration

Lumicall is backed by the network, and open network based on SIP over TLS and ENUM

Lumicall users can be called from any SIP network thanks to ENUM and SIP. TLS must be used.

Users of Lumicall can also call out to any Federated VoIP compliant SIP network

Web site and video

The Lumicall web site includes a video demonstrating ZRTP in action

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