M2 Softphone

M2 Softphone


A SIP softphone application by Megapin. OEM licensing is available.

M2 Features

  • Protocols: SIP, jabber, SIP SIMPLE
  • Codecs: iLBC, speex, GSM, G.711, G.729
  • Skinable interface (xml format like winamp)
  • Emotion icons
  • Custom Ring tone, sound, BUZZ
  • Live Update mechanism

Dialpad version

Current release 1.0.250D
Unlimited Client license as low as US$3,000
Works on any SIP network
Free Download at OEM m2 softphone
more info : OEM m2 softphone

SIP voip + Jabber instant Messaging

Current release 1.0.251F
Version has instant messaging based on jabber ICE, and STUN running on SER
more info : myeztalk.com

Introducing the M2 softphone

The M2-UA (M2), a SIP Softphone, enables multimedia messaging, including voice, and instant messaging between computers. Download free at Myeztalk.com. Easy to install, it auto-configures behind most firewalls and is a snap to use. Comes complete with presence, buddies list, missed calls, and call detail records. The M2 is fully Skinnable. Community environment is at Myeztalk.com and publisher at Megapin.com

Screen Shots

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