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What do I need...

  • A free MIXvoip account. Sign up at our website
  • A broadband Internet connection (eg: ADSL)

What do I get...

  • With MIXvoip you can call other MIXvoip users for free, and other numbers at very low rates. We have great call rates for both national or international destinations. Our call forwarding makes you available, anywhere and anytime as you can always be reached at your number. You can use any software, or one of MIXvoip's release software as our softphone which is available for iPhone, Windows, Mac and Linux, to receive and make calls.

Residential services

  • With MIXvoip you have everything you need to make calls through your computer. All you need is a computer, the free MIXvoip soft-phone downloaded and installed, and a headset or speakers and a microphone. However, if you want to talk for free, the person on the other end must also has a computer with the VoIP service installed. For good voice quality you need a good broadband Internet connection.

Peer to Peer VoIP

  • MIXvoip offers free software to download, enabling you to make free Peer to Peer calls within the network worldwide. Great solution for someone needing the ability to make world-wide calls on a limited budget.


  • MIXvoip allows you to communicate with your employees, regardless of their location. Check out our VoIP gateway or our MIXpbx solutions, and let us help you to integrate VoIP within your company. Your VoIP Gateway

The all new MIXpbx for VoIP and ISDN/BRI

  • The MIXpbx is a complete, fully featured PBX for small and medium businesses. Our MIXpbx works even if your Internet connection is down. MIXpbx gives you total redundancy, ans easy, painless configuration through a centralised web interface. Anyone can manage the MIXpbx without prior PBX experience. We add new innovative features every month. Stay up to date automatically. Do not pay for hardware that you don’t use. We have softphone and webphone solutions that meet your needs.

Asterisk Consultancy

We stand ready to assist you with all your Asterisk issues. The focus of MIXvoip is on providing you with the best of open source VoIP solutions, one of the premier ones being Asterisk. In addition to equipping our customers with the best possible solutions for their communication needs, MIXvoip also provides professional consulting services to ensure your Asterisk solution is fine-tuned to the highest level.

Here is only a sample of the Asterisk consultancy services MIXvoip offers you:
  • Solution assessment
  • Design and development
  • Optimisation of your existing Asterisk solution
  • Integration of applications like CRM, OUTLOOk, Windows TAPI
  • PBX migration
  • Integration of telecom tachnologies: ISDN/BRI, PRI, analog port

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