Madhawa Ranga

I'm H. Madhawa Ranga from Sri Lanka . You know that Sri Lanka is a great and a small country in South Asia filled with great people. I was born in Jan 27th of 1986. I'm a Buddhist. Buddhism is a religon which is speading around the world fast. Also Buddhism is the only religion which can explain and define scientific theories. And also Buddhism talks about things which can't be explained by science but which are absolutely true. Buddhism directly talk to the mind.

In my family there are four members and they are my father, my mother, me and my little sister. my father is a retired clerk and my mother is a teacher. my sister is still studing. And also there is a cat with blue eyes, we call her as "Tinki".

Now, I'm an undergraduate in the University of Moratuwa-Sri Lanka, I'm following the BSc. Engineering degree in Materials Science and Engineeering in the University of Moratuwa We'll be graduated in the year 2010 October. In this course we study about ceramics and ceramic processing, polymer and polymer processing, steel and cast iron (in microscopic state), and also about composites; how they are made and processed.

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