Magic Button


Magic Button by Schmooze Com Inc.

The Magic Button for PBXact and PBXtended is an extensive speech recognition call management tool built into every Mid and Advanced PBXact system. It allows users to control their PBX experience with nothing more than their voice.

With the touch of the Magic Button, you can use your voice to control calls, set your away status, send and receive messages, call and page groups of people in your organization, setup instant 3-way conferences, transfer calls and even ask what the date, time or weather is!

  • Place A Call
  • Intercom
  • Transfer
  • Transfer To Voicemail
  • Conference Call
  • 3 Way Calling
  • Call Park
  • List Parked Calls
  • Retrieve Parked Calls
  • Page
  • List Page Groups
  • Call Ring Groups
  • List Ring Groups
  • Check Voicemail Messages
  • Record Voicemail Username
  • Record Voicemail Greeting
  • Record A Temporary Voicemail message
  • Remove A Temporary Voicemail Message
  • Leave A Voicemail Message
  • Voicemail Blast
  • List Voicemail Blast Groups
  • Set Presence
  • Locate A User
  • Set Return Status
  • User Return Notification
  • Enable Call Forward
  • Remove Call Forward
  • Set Home Phone Number
  • Set Cell Phone Number
  • Enable DND
  • Disable DND

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