Magiclink release Hybird IPPBX System Based on Asterisk

The Announcement of Hybird IPPBX System Based on Asterisk

It’s my great honor to introduce to you this type of composite IPPBX system based on Linux/Asterisk and special card, which is developed by my company. We made many equipments to realize the exploitation of this type of product. This product also indicates the potentiality for realizing the transaction of greater capacity through Asterisk.


The exterior plan of product
Have you seen those interfaces? (from left to right respectively) Those are: 1 E1/T1,12FXO Board * 8,10/100MB LAN,CPU Card and Serial Port.


Testing environment
We prepared so many real telephones for testing that we cannot bear the noise in the office when we carry through RingAll of Call Queue.


The inner card arraying orderly

The configuration condition of the above machine:
CPU:P4 3.0
Digital:1 E1 Card
Analog:8 Analog Card with 96 Analog Port
Analog Phone:50

The machine works stably through testing :
30 Analog Phones-->IPPBX->E1->Another Asterisk->MusiconHold
20 Analog Phones-->SIP-->Another Asteirsk->SIP Phone
50 Analog Phones-->RingAll

This type of machine can work under the condition of inserting any cards or not. You can also mixedly insert E1/T1/FXO/FXS card produced by Digium company or the card furnished by my company according to the need . It will enter into the automatic setting phase after inserting the card and all the cards will be displayed. Then you can set up the using function according to your need. We provide SIP function, simulation relay, digital relay, telephone conference, call queue and other functions in the system. The entire system is stored basing on DOM(Disk On Module)form so that the speed of start and using of the system is very high and you also don’t need to worry about that the working stabilization and intensity of mechanical equipment will affect the life-span of the system.

The main characteristics of this system:
  • The operating system is stored in DOM rather than mechanical hard disk.
  • Compiling MagicVCD to realize the automatic identification of E1 card or FXO/FXS card. It autogenerates Zaptel and Zapata . The ext. of FXS doesn’t have to be set up because it can also be appended automatically.
  • Supporting both E1/T1/FXO/FXS card of Digium and the card furnished by my company which can be used as long as you insert them.
  • It’s convenient to obtain AddressBOOK from IPPBX in coordination with siPooP software of my company. You can also compile XMLRPC Client of pbxlab form to obtain these data freely.

Certainly,we have also found some problems which can’t be resolved now:
  • It seems that there’s only 249 DEVs of Zaptel:Although someone says this restriction can already be broken through, I have never seen any explanation.
  • If you carry out modprobe wctdm before modprobe wcte11xp,1E1cannot work at this time, because modprobe wctdm will first start ztcfg once automatically, which causes 1E1 cannot work:. I’ve sent a message to Zaptel Bug Report,but the feedback is it’s not Bug of Zaptel. He asked me to contact Digium Support, but I found the Support of Digium can’t answer this question too.
  • Hot insert cannot be realized now.
  • Provided that the system attached 1E1 and TDM400P, TDM400P Channels might be 33 34 35 36。If you restart the machine to extirpate 1E1card, you will find the arrangement of Channels is changed, Maybe you have to reinstall all things.

Anyway, we have proved that Asterisk can stably work with many pieces of cards together. This type of machine and DOM card have already been able to be ordered openly at present. If any need, please visit or email to

hoowa sun

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