MediaProxy Comparison

MediaProxy Comparison for Kamailio compatible modules

date: 11.2.2013
name version/date author language Graceful shutdown Automatic load balancing and redundancy Real-time sessions statistics Configurable IP and UDP port range Support for any combination of audio and video streams Radius accounting of IP network traffic
MediaProxy 2.5.2/2011-09-09 AG Projects python+kernel yes yes yes yes yes yes
MediaProxy-ng 2.1/2013-02-11 Sipwise* C+kernel yes yes yes yes yes yes
RTPproxy 1.2.1/2009-10-19 Sippy Software C ? ? ? ? ? ?
erlrtpproxy no stable version Peter Lemenkov erlang ? erlang feature? no yes ? yes

name Logging of media information into SQL Supports ICE IPv6 Media Recording Kamailio modules ToS kernel based forwarding repacketization notes
MediaProxy yes yes yes yes Call Control, mediaproxy ? yes ?
MediaProxy-ng yes yes yes no rtpproxy , rtpproxy-ng yes yes no
RTPproxy ? ? ? yes rtpproxy ? no ?
erlrtpproxy no todo yes yes rtpproxy ? no ? about

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