MediaProxy Features

MediaProxy Feaures

Basic functions
  • Basic offer/answer
  • Call recording
  • Music-on-hold
  • Transcoding

Configuration & Management
  • Graceful shutdown
  • Configurable IP and UDP port range
  • Automatic load balancing and redundancy
  • Control socket using IPv4/IPv6 UDP/TCP
  • Setting internal parameters via HTTP-JSON interface.
  • Kamailio-style timeout notifications via IPv4/IPv6 UDP/TCP (configurable)
  • JSON command protocol

  • Support for any combination of audio and video streams
  • WebRTC-style RTP/RTCP muxing/demuxing from/to two independent channels (automatically)
  • IPv4/IPv6 bridging for RTP/RTCP
  • Video with transcoding.
  • Transcoding offloading using dedicated hardware
  • kernel based forwarding - It provides better performance than doing it through the daemon, less CPU overhead and lower jitter.

  • Multiple networks bridging (more than just three - internal, external, ipv6).

Accounting and statistics
  • Real-time sessions statistics
  • RADIUS accounting (start / interim update / stop, configurable)
  • JSON stats retrieval via HTTP (queries like http://localhost:8442/json/?callid=0003e30c-c50c0134-763a6f53-359481cc@ - available parameters are - payload, callid, mediaid, tag, remote IP)

{"http_query":{"callid":"0003e30c-c50c0134-763a6f53-359481cc at","payload":"0"},"result":{"media":{"callid":"0003e30c-c50c0134-763a6f53-359481cc at","mediaid":"1","tag":"0003e30cc50c5d43416d30b4-7b2f969c","payload":0,"rxbytes":108008800,"rxpackets":677772,"txbytes":108262240,"txpackets":676639,"local":{"ip":"","rtp":50486,"rtcp":50487},"remote":{"ip":"","rtp":5038,"rtcp":5039}},"media":{"callid":"0003e30c-c50c0134-763a6f53-359481cc at","mediaid":"1","tag":"2e268de3","payload":0,"rxbytes":108262240,"rxpackets":676639,"txbytes":108008800,"txpackets":677772,"local":{"ip":"","rtp":34732,"rtcp":34733},"remote":{"ip":"","rtp":20912,"rtcp":null}}}}

  • Events logging (start, stop, interim update, timeout, codec/parser error) to syslog (with full RTCP printing)

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