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Medication Reminders From DSC

Database Systems Corp. (DSC) provides call center technology products and outsourcing services. Medication Reminders is an automated phone system that calls individuals at home and plays a pill reminder message. This recorded message can be scheduled using an online website by the individual (or family member). Messages can contain the doseage and type of medication to take. Several calls can be scheduled per day, with a weekly dayplanner schedule available.

Medication reminder call systems are part of DSC's CARE system which is a modern computer phone system with embedded computer telephony integration boards capable of making automatic phone calls without human intervention.

VoiceXML and Medication Reminder Calls

The Database Medication Reminder phone systems can process reminder calls using VoiceXML messaging. This process automatically sends phone messages from a computer system to a remote phone systems using XML push logic. For example, alerts can be broadcast to tenants in a building if there is a fire or disaster. Calls to emergency staff or to seniors can be automatically generated using VoiceXML and DSC software.

Medication Reminder Community

The CARE Medication Reminder System and calling services are used by both community organizations as well as individuals. Police and Sheriff's departments use the CARE systems to check on the welfare of seniors, but also use the prescription reminder program to send medication reminders for elderly in their communities as well. Pharmacies and medical groups also use these systems and services to remind clients to either refill their medicine prescriptions or to remind these individuals when and how much of a medication to take.

Medication Reminder Features

  • Send medication refill reminders to individuals reminding them to fill their prescriptions.
  • Schedule multiple reminders per day, each with a unique message
  • Alter daily schedule of medication reminders
  • Each reminder call message can be individually recorded
  • Allow online management of reminder scheduling
  • Provide custom medicine reminder messages that can be self-recorded
  • Produce online reports with status of each call
  • Alert family member if individual does not acknowledge the call
  • CARE medication reminder system is an industrial quality Intel based PC with Dialogic control boards.
  • Reminder phone systems support 1-48 analog phone lines.
  • Systems can be upgraded to our digital (PACER) phone supporting up to a 1000 lines.

CARE Medication Reminder Articles

Contact Database Systems Corp.

Contact DSC at (602) 265-5968 or use the following Medication Reminders Contact Form.

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