What is it:
Web-MeetMe is a suite of PHP pages to allow for scheduling and managing conferences on an Asterisk PBX.
Add rooms and specify
  • Moderator and user PINs
  • Announce on/off
  • Record on/off
  • User listen only
  • Start and End time
  • Reoccurring
  • Number of participants
  • Mute/Unmute users
  • Kick users
  • Invite users (Will call the user from number in web form)


E-mail : areski (@alt) gmail (.dot) com

Web-MeetMe Forum

Web-MeetMe install on Fedora manual.

You can download the user manual from Asterisk IT at:



mysql apache php pearDB postgresql-dev

for debian:
apt-get install mysql-server libmysqlclient12-dev apache-server libapache-mod-php4 php4-pear postgresql-dev

To Install:

Web-Meetme 3.X works only with asterisk 1.4
Web-Meetme 2.X works only with asterisk 1.2

Download and extract to a web accessible directory
tar -zxvf Web-MeetMe_v3.0.3.tgz

compile in web-meetme/cbmysql
make install

copy cbmysql.conf to /etc/asterisk and edit with appropriate mysql settings
for debian sock is /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock

Setup your database, there is an example file in webmeet-me/cbmysql/db-table-create-v5.txt
Just take out the `DB_CDR`. and 'sequenceNo' and 'recurInternval' need to be replaced with ` backticks not single quotes.

load the module in asterisk
load **note: module as of now does not support the reload command and sometimes restart asterisk when loading**

edit web-meetme/lib/defines.php
edit web-meetme/lib/database.php
edit web-meetme/phpagi/phpagi-asmanager.php so user name and secret for asterisk manager correspond to a user in /etc/asterisk/manager.conf

add cbmysql to dialplan
exten => 900,1,cbmysql()
exten => 901,1,cbmysql(901) ;where 901 is a valid room in the database

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