Mepeas Softswitch

Mepeas Softswitch supports H323, SIP protocols as well as a range of VoIP codec protocols, such as g711 which is a high quality uncompressed codec. Where bandwidth is limited, supplied GSM codec can be used or commercial g729 licenses or g729 voice compression cards for high capacity systems are available.

Customer's end-point is configured to pass its VoIP traffic through mepeas Softswitch, where call is then least cost routed via the lowest cost carrier, call is rated, and customers available balance decremented.

Mepeas provides exclusive solution for the global VOIP industry through Mepeas Switch that offers a wide range of services such as Reporting and Monitoring tools, Advance Multi-level Security services, Well managed Distributed Architecture, while supporting Multi-Model origination devices and Termination options. Its Multi-Level reseller Support, Integrated Billing, and class 4 &5 Softswitch features ensure most reliable and cost effective solution to global VoIP industry. All these features provided via Mepeas Switch makes it one of the most popular and leading softswitch brand. Architecture of Mepeas Switch platform strengths its ability to caters requirements in multiple Termination routes, with that can be used for traffic origination across calling card, IP devices, PC softphones (also called PC2Phone), DID's and mobile VoIP applications

Components of Mepeas Switch

◾Mepeas SoftSwitch
◾Whole Sale VoIP system
◾Mepeas VoIP Billing: Billing, Database & Web Interface
◾Mepeas Calling Card VoIP System

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