Wholesale TDM SIP IAX

Flat Rate Products:

4 T1's - 1,000 DID numbers $500 total monthly charge - local loop included

DID numbers for call centers and calling card companies. Use our numbers to improve call completion.
Help overcome Anonymous Call Blocking. Special caller id name service. Call return or recordings provide

Asterisk and Lucent Max TNT programming and support.

Metrotel Communications, owned by James L. Taylor, has been in the telecommunications business for almost twenty years. The company provides a wide range of retail and wholesale telecommunications services including VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), paging, wireless PBX, wireless telephone service, and 800# services.

Metrotel Communications currently provides local access to over 300 Texas communities. Additionally, Metrotel Communications is an authorized re-seller for New Edge Networks and Transedge Broadband Solutions.

Metrotel Communications is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to operate in forty eight states and is registered with the Texas Public Utility Commission. It is also a member of the Texas Association of Paging Services and the American Association of Paging Carriers, and the United States Telecom Association.

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