Microbase CTI

Microbase CTI is a computer telephony integration software specifically designed to enhance and handle Asterisk PBX operations.

Microbase CTI is a software system that provides Asterisk PBX with advanced features like dynamic prioritized call queues for call distribution, modular IVR system, detailed statistics, power (progressive) and predictive dialer, campaign management and sophisticated monitoring and administration capabilities.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is a concept that enables computers and phone systems to communicate with each other. In fact, CTI effectively merges the functions and features of each of these two technologies into one integrated system.

Microbase CTI is a communications software which enables automated handling of inbound and outbound traffic, allows the integration of these functions into 3rd party applications, keeps detailed statistics for all associated activity and provides interfaces for real-time monitoring of all the aspects of its operation.

The operation of Microbase CTI is divided into 4 categories: agent management, the IVR system, inbound call handling and outbound call handling. There are also two monitoring facilities, the logging and statistics database schema for offline monitoring and the real-time operation monitoring system (operating through performance counters).

Microbase CTI’s basic advantage is that it has been designed from scratch to be simple, easy to use, problem free and covering all basic CTI needs of any organization, however complicated this may be.

In a few words, Microbase CTI is the software needed by an Asterisk PBX to be able to offer all the advanced features which are required by a constantly increasing number of customers.

Microbase CTI can be found in three service levels, with each higher level being equipped with specific additional features.

CTI Basic - The service covering an organization’s most basic CTI needs and the first step of enhancing an Asterisk PBX operations with important features.
CTI Pro - The service which goes one step further from CTI Basic to include the important features of Power Dialing and Direct to IVR tasks for outbound call handling.
CTI Enterprise - The service which goes the extra mile in outbound call handling with the Predictive Dialing outbound call tasks.

Read more at www.microbasecti.com

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