Microbrowser Yahoo Top Stories

This is a idle screen microbrowser script using PHP to display Yahoo News

XML changes for your Polycom phone

The idle display can also be configured to access a URL, and automatically refresh on a periodic basis. The provisioning variables are mb.idleDisplay.home="(url)" and mb.idleDisplay.refresh="(seconds").

<microbrowser mb.proxy="">
<idleDisplay mb.idleDisplay.home="http://your_web_site/polynews.php" mb.idleDisplay.refresh="900"/>
<main mb.main.home=""/>
<limits mb.limits.nodes="" mb.limits.cache=""/>

PHP script

Script file

Here is a copy of the script file :


Create a PHP file on your web server, and set your microbrowser to use http://your_web_site/polynews.php script to display the top 5 news lines on your Polycom phone. if you have more lines, you can modify the $parm_... variables to increase or shrink the number of lines to display.

Questions contact me

Awysocki a@t absoftware .dot. com

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