Delivering information from the corporate intranet or the public Internet to the communication device of user's choice.


Millenigence is the leading provider of software solutions that deliver information available on corporate data networks or the Internet to business end users and consumers on the communication device of their choice. Millenigence's core technology, DashPhone, supports all IP Telephony and converged communication endpoints, including IP phones, PDAs, BlackBerry devices, and cellular phones, bringing mobility to enterprise and Internet applications.

Millenigence's solutions address both the enterprise market and the consumer market. These solutions, offered as either commercial products or services, help the business user and the consumer access information that is important to them anywhere, on any device.

Enterprise Solutions

The Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) of Millenigence provides a range of enterprise solutions for business users that use IP phones and mobile devices as productivity enhancement tools. These solutions combine a simple intuitive navigation on the phone with powerful backend processing with enterprise database and applications to deliver real-time information to users and improve workforce efficiency. These solutions are all based on Millenigence's leading middleware technology, the DashPhone Application Serverâ„¢ and can therefore utilize different types of phones from different manufacturers, including Alcatel IP Touch, Avaya 4600 series, Cisco 7900 series, Polycom, and Siemens optiPoint.

DashPhone applications such as Time Sheet Express, Conference Room Express, and Hospitality Suite Express use IP phones, PocketPCs, PDAs, BlackBerry devices, and WAP/Wi-Fi cell phones as data terminlas on the Internet and corporate network. These applications are ideal converged solutions for both horizontal and vertical markets.

Consumer Solutions

The Consumber Business Unit (CBU) of Millenigence delivers content from the Internet or consumer web portals to consumers' cell phones and mobile devices without requiring Internet access. Frucall is an example of such consumer service.

Millenigence is an industry leader in creating mashup services which combine a wide range of technologies such as SOA (Service Oriented Architecture or Web Services), XML, VoiceXML, TTS (Text To Speech), ASR (Automated Speech Recognition), SMS (Short Message Service) and WAP (Wireless Access Protocol) to provide real-time information from the Internet to consumer cell phones.

Contact Us

Millenigence, Inc.
5141 California Ave.
Suite 200
Irvine, CA 92617

Phone: (949) 270-0606
Fax: (949) 856-0011

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