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A leading developer of tools, middleware and technologies for IP Phone Application Development.

Framework for IP Phone Application Development

Millenigence makes it possible to bring applications to IP Phones, where there is no need to deal with complexities of computers. We provide the framework, middleware, and technologies to write applications for IP Phones and IP Endpoints - regardless of the type and manufacture of the device being used. A range of devices such as Avaya 4620 family, Cisco 7960 family, Siemens optiPoint 600, iPAQ PDAs and WAP/Wi-Fi cell phones are supported.

DashPhone™ Application Server

DashPhone Application Server™ (DAS) provides the middleware and tools to deliver data content to any IP-enabled device within the converged network. DAS Applications do not need to deal with the peculiarities of the target device they write to. DAS allows IP Phones, PDAs and Cell Phones to access network resources and enterprise data to increase workforce efficiency and improve enterprise workflow.

Device Abstraction Engine

The Device Abstraction Engine™ (DAE) is the core component of the DashPhone Application Server™. DAE hides complexities of working with different IP Phones from different manufacturers. Cisco 7960 IP Phones, for example, use XML for data communication while Avaya 4620 uses WML. DAE rovides a ubiquitous API to all IP Phone applications written in the DAS framework.

DashPhone™ CXP

DashPhone™ CXP delivers Cisco XML Applications (or Csico XML Services) - which are written specifically for Cisco 7940/7960/7970 IP Phones - to non-Cisco IP Phones, PDAs, and cell phones with zero programming.

It minimizes the complexities of handling form inputs, cookies, sessions, graphics image formats, and softkey definitions to enable a Cisco IP Phone application seamlessly and transparently available on any other non-Cisco IP-enabled device. CXP works with any IP Phone or IP enabled device supported by the Device Abstraction Engine.

Articles and White Papers

DashPhone™ CXP: Millenigence's solution for running Cisco XML applications on Non-Cisco IP Phones.

DashPhone™ Suite of Applicatoins: Millenigence's applications for IP Phones and its patent-pending DashPhone Application Server platform.

Asterisk: A Non-Technical Overview: An introduction to the open source Asterisk IP PBX for the executives and managers.

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