A mini perl based SIP proxy

Currently the source provided is just an example of how to use perl-POE making it act as a SIP proxy.
Nevertheless: It can act as a local PBX so all registered parties can call each other. Perfect for home use of SIP phones.

How to use:

  • Instal POE Framework
perl -MCPAN -e 'install POE : : Component : : Client : : HTTP'

(Note there is no space between POE till HTTP)
  • extract source and "cd LCSR"

  • try to run ./ - this wil tell you which other modules need to be installed from CPAN ;)

  • once the server is up you can register your SIP phones to the box IP address, port 5060 as usual

  • There is no authentification required at present

  • the proxy maintains a small registry which will be written to disk (registry.dat) for persistance after restart

  • the user name used during register will become the extension for this phone to be called at

developed on a Mac, tested with Snom190 and X-Lite (to give an idea where it has been proven to work with)

Comments welcome ...

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Dirk Tostmann
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