Mitel 5310



5310 with optional remote control

The Mitel 5310 IP Conference Unit is a full-duplex, desktop conference speaker and microphone system. It uses 'acoustic beam forming technology' comprising a microphone array which focuses on the party speaking, virtually eliminating all ambient room noise and sidebar conversations.

The 5310 IP Conference Unit has three main components:

  • The unit itself
  • An optional remote control
  • A Side Control Unit (SCU)

In general, the unit is sold on its own. As it comes, the unit can be connected directly to a Mitel 5235, 5224, 5330 or 5340 phone. The 5310 can also be connected to a 5220 phone but this requires an SCU.


5310 with SCU connected to a 5220 phone

Conference Unit

The conference unit has two connectors on the bottom: one for the optional remote control and one for the link to its host phone - it plugs into the adapted headset port and power port
of the 5224 IP Phone, the Conference Module on the 5235, 5330 and 5340 models, or the Side Control Unit on a 5220.

The '5310 <-> phone' lead is a regular RJ45-RJ45 patch cord and the unit is powered through this either from the phone or from a PoE (IEEE 802.3af) adapter.

Without a remote control, the 5310 is configured and turned on/off via the phone's own interface or the SCU.

The 5310 is compatible with:
  • Mitel 3300 IP Communications Platform (ICP), Release 7.1, or later
  • Mitel SX-200 IP Communications Platform (ICP), Release 4.0 (UR1), or later
  • SIP Compliant systems (e.g. Asterisk) when connected to a SIP-enabled Mitel phone

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