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The Mitel MiCloud is a single piece of software that is used to help manage telecommunications for every part of a business. There are several different levels of telecommunications that must be covered, and Mitel MiCloud does all this at the same time. The products and services listed below help explain how the Mitel MiCloud can manage telecom needs for a company that may stretch around the world.

Using new telecommunications products helps businesses increase productivity without the need to add products from several vendors. Mitel has brought all communications needs under one umbrella to provide businesses with the help they need to remain productive. Review each item to learn which will work best in the office today.

Business Phones

Business phones are needed throughout every office. There is a phone on the CEO's desk and there is a phone on every desk in the building including the maintenance closet. A single phone system must connect all these phone, and Mitel helps provide phones that will link with the service that Mitel provides.

There are desk phones and IP phones that may be connected to any network a business uses. Phones that come with their own Ethernet cables may be connected to a VoIP service, and traditional desk phones may be connected to the wall outlets. A business can modernize the office with new IP phones that work with the Mitel software.


MiVoice covers the services and products that help businesses communicate with their phones. Communications in the office must be done with telephones, and employees need phones that help them call on customers. The phones purchased by the business can be powered with the MiVoice service for perfect call quality and reliability.

Calls are dropped less on the MiVoice server, and MiVoice customer service helps resolve issues quickly. The system helps businesses manage their phone calls as simply as possible with minimal expense. A business that invests in the MiVoice service will have phone service coming through their Internet line at a reduced price compared to the phone company.


The MiCloud is a proprietary application that helps businesses store information and manage documents within each office. The MiCloud is offered in conjunction with other services from Mitel, and businesses investing the MiCloud will be able to access other Mitel services through the same portal.

The MiCloud comes with expandable storage space that can be accessed through the Mitel servers at any time. A business may purchase a package from Mitel that will help with storage, or the business may purchase a cloud that helps with sharing. Every business that uses the MiCloud saves time and money on document storage.


MiCollab is a meeting and collaboration tool that will help people in the office work with each other without leaving their desks. People in different locations can collaborate on projects, and meetings can be held without massive travel expenses. A business that wants to cut back on wasted time can use MiCollab to put together meetings that happen instantly on employee computers.

A whole team may congregate in just one office to meet with a group from another location. A manager can hold court from their desk, and a team leader can update their team from the field. The MiCollab product helps get collaboration done in the same place as the other Mitel services.

MiContact Center

The MiContact Center is the place where customers and employees come together to get the information they need. The contact center is the place that customers call when they need assistance, and the contact center can become a help desk for people in the office who are experiencing trouble.

The MiContact Center software helps route calls to the right places when customers call in. Call center workers may be placed anywhere in the world by the business, and the contact center software sends calls to the right people. The MiContact Center software collects customer information when they call in, and the people in the office can see the record of the caller's information at the moment the call is picked up.

Customers that are in need of immediate assistance need not repeat their information once their call is answered, and the employees who pick up the phone may immediately access information for each account. Account access makes service much easier for the call center employee, and endless searches for information are eliminated.

Combining Services

Mitel services help businesses combine products to get the best results in the office. Every business that is in need of new telecommunications tools needs to try the Mitel services in their office. The office phone may be purchased to match the services that are offered, and the office phones may be adapted to services that are purchased at a later time.

Businesses may pick and choose from the services offered by Mitel for their own communications needs. A company that runs call centers must use the MiContact Center software to route calls to the right people, and the company that runs a help desk may use the same technology.

The MiCloud is tied into every computer in the office for the convenience of everyone on the job. Employees who must share and edit documents consistently need access to those documents through a cloud that eliminates the need for email, and the cloud storage capacity may be changed at any time.

Collaboration is made much easier with software made specifically for business purposes, and every employee in the office has access to these tools through the Mitel portal. Investing in telecommunications is best done with the help of Mitel and their software. All communications needs are routed through a single stream software program, and a business will make one payment to resolve their communications issues.

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Note: Mitel AnyWare is the correct spelling of the company. Sometimes it is mistakenly spelled Mitel AnyWhere.

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