Mitel MiNET to SIP Conversion

Mitel MiNET to SIP Conversion

The typical Mitel phone ships from the vendor in MiNET mode and the firmware version present will most likely not support SIP mode. This guide explains how to convert a 5330 or 5340 set to SIP mode. (Some contents may apply to other models, in particular the 5224, but those have quirks not detailed here.)

Mitel is no longer release SIP Firmware via the sipdnld site. Call your Mitel reseller to obtain the SIP Firmware for all models

Installing New Sets

When installing Mitel SIP Phones that are new, you must power up the phone and change mode to SIP Mode. To accomplish this, power up the phone while holding the * and 7 keys simultaneously. You will be prompted when to release the keys. Once the mode has been changed to SIP Mode, you can then proceed with the configuration of the phone.

Step 1 - DHCP Server Configuration

Configure your DHCP Server with the following options (all required!):
Option 128 - TFTP Server (For firmware and configuration downloads), IP Address
Option 129 - RTP Server (For media server), IP Address
Option 130 - Phone Type, String — Must equal "MITEL IP PHONE"
Option 132 - VLAN ID (For voice network packet tagging), String — "0" for None/Default or the ID of your voice VLAN
Option 133 - Priority (?), String — Mitel likes "6"

Step 2 - TFTP Server Configuration

You'll need to have a TFTP server at your disposal. Place the latest firmware in your tftp's serving directory so that the phone can download it.

Step 3 - Phone Up, Phone Down

Plug in the phone and let it boot. It will gain an IP, download the firmware, install the firmware and reboot.

Once the phone is done, it will sit at a screen with the "Set" IP and the "ICP" IP showing, and periodically reboot. At this point, you can unplug the phone.
Hold the "Volume Down" button and plug the phone back in. Use the on screen display to complete the following:
Configure Phone (*=Yes)
(Cycle through options saying "#=No" until...)
Phone Mode (*=Yes)
Protocol (*=Yes)
Phone Mode: Minet (*=Change)
Phone Mode: Minet (0=SIP)
Phone Mode: SIP (#=Accept)
Store Changes? (*=Yes)
Reboot Now? (*=Yes)

The phone will now reset and come back up in SIP mode.


You should now be able to access the phone through any means of configuration and set it up to work with your PBX. For more on configuration, see SIP settings for Mitel Phones


  • To set the Dual Mode 5215 or 5220 phone to SIP mode, just use Step 3 above. On these phones you have to hold the volume UP arrow key as they are powered up. If you find the phone constantly reboots after being flipped to SIP mode, follow Method 3 on the firmware update page to reinstall the SIP firmware.
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