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Record A Call Natively



Records The audio on the current channel to the specified file.

Valid Options:
b - Only save audio to the file while the channel is bridged. *does not include conferences*
a - Append to the file instead of overwriting it.
v(<x>) - Adjust the heard volume by a factor of <x> -4/4.
V(<x>) - Adjust the spoken volume by a factor of <x> -4/4.
W(<x>) - Adjust the overall volume by a factor of <x> -4/4.

<command> will be executed when the recording is over. Any strings matching ^{X} will be unescaped to ${X} and all variables will be evaluated at the time the application is called. Where <command> is a system (Linux shell) command, see Asterisk cmd System for example values.
  • The variable MIXMONITOR_FILENAME will contain the name of the file used for recordings.
  • Note do NOT include the dialplan command System(blah), just blah.
  • If you don't specify a full path of the sound file, the file will be stored in the "monitor" subdir of the path specified with astspooldir in asterisk.conf (so default will be /var/spool/asterisk/monitor).
  • Note that no environment variables are given to <command> — you must pass these on via command-line arguments.

The audio file is closed and processing of <command> is started *after* the 'h' extension priorities have been run.

supported extensions
asterisk> core show file formats
Format Name Extensions
slin mp3 mp3
h264 h264 h264
g729 g729 g729
g719 g719 g719


New in Asterisk 1.2


This application is similar to the Monitor application only it's designed to record 1 audio and mix them natively as the call is in progress to avoid the need to spawn external processes which lead to harmful cpu usage spikes.

  • One call can record to mutiple files at the same time.
  • Allows for recording a call to a single g729 file
  • An append mode allows an agent to record all their calls in 1 file
  • A bridge flag allows recording to only take place when the channel is bridged.
  • The volume for either side of the channel may be adjusted seperatly.
  • a cli interface makes it possible to start and stop the monitoring at will from a manager session or the cli prompt.

Performance over Monitor
MixMonitor offloads the recording of the media to a separate thread; Monitor attempts to record the audio on the thread servicing the channel(s).

See also

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