Mobicents is the First and Only Open Source JAIN SLEE 1.0 Certified product.

Mobicents is a professional open source VoIP Middleware platform, which brings to telecom application developers what J2EE brings to Web and Enterprise application developers.

In the scope of telecom Next Generation Intelligent Networks (NGIN), Mobicents fits in as a high-performance core engine for Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) and IP Multimedia SubSystems (IMS).

Mobicents enables the composition of Service Building Blocks (SBB) such as call control, billing, user provisioning, administration, and presence sensitive features.

The JAIN SLEE specification allows popular protocol stacks such as SIP to be plugged in as resource adapters. The SLEE service building blocks - SBBs have many similarities to EJBs.

Beyond telecommunications, Mobicents is applicable to a wider variety of problems demanding high volume, low latency signaling. Examples include financial trading, online gaming, sensor network integration and distributed control.

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