Mobile MWI

Most mobile phones have one or more MWI (Message Waiting Indicators) that can be used to identify unread voicemails, faxes, emails and other message types.

Your phone probably has this functionality even if your mobile network does not actually bother to use it when notifying you of the presence of messages waiting.

It is possible to control the mobile's MWI from Asterisk, meaning you can set it on and switch it off again as you choose from within your dialplan. Synchronise it with MWI on your deskphone if you choose.

Mobile MWI is enabled by using FastSMS, a commercial messaging gateway service that is sold through an ASP (pay as you go) model. A full description of how to integrate Mobile MWI with your Asterisk set-up also provides a lengthy discussion about how you can get rid of your mobile network's voicemail service and route all your messaging via Asterisk.
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