Mobile phone software for MUX and Call Back

- Moly -

Fully automated Callback and Multiplex calls handling software for Symbian, Windows Mobile and Java Mobile enabled GSM phones.

- Save around 30 – 70% on the mobile roaming bills with callback function
- Save around 50 – 95% on the mobile national bills with multiplex function
- Extremely user friendly
- Fully automated redirection to GSM Gateway, VoIP operator access number etc.
- Fully automated callback handling
- Automatic activation/deactivation when entering or leaving Roaming network
- Real work in background mode
- Optional Auto-start on boot feature
- Very small file size, minimal memory consummation
- Tight integration with Contacts

Software is currently available for the following Symbian mobile phones:
6260 6600 6670 6680 6681 7610 6630 N70 N90


There is a lot of functions that we developed and we can integrated it in Moly or offered as separate program like:
- Make a several routes and sort it by customer needs
- Automatically routing to predefined routes if busy
- Automatically collect of cost made at device (calls, SMS, MMS, GPRS etc.) and transfer over GPRS to billing software
- Automatically transfer of base station information over GPRS or SMS to monitoring software
- Automatically or manually operator roaming price list update by SMS or GPRS
- Automatically or manually operator selection in roaming depended of price
- Roaming information's: operator, country, base station, price for incoming and outgoing calls etc.
- Reducing SMS cost by sending SMS over GPRS
- HELP button – shortcut to help desk
- Alarm if the customer is not available because of weak signal ( NNA )
- Black list for incoming calls with time and statistic ( ACR )
- Anti Spy program for GSM phones ( SAS )
- Automatically phone ON/OFF predefined by user


We can make any kind of custom specifically programming to modify Moly to works with:
VoIP operators
GSM operators
GSM Gateways
Cisco equipment
ISDN routers
any kind of telecommunication and VoIP equipment

Devices needed for testing!!!
all with Windows Mobile Smartphone 2002, 2003, 2003SE, 2005
all with Windows Mobile PocketPC 2002, 2003, 2003SE, 2005

If you are already using any sort of calling card or accessing some VoiP GSM Gateway , VoIP and Cisco, Voxtream or similar equipment, Least Cost Router (LCR) or CallBack service you are welcome to join betatesting of our Call Routing software ...

Contact ICQ number:

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