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Wireless VoIP Phone WP150

Stonehenge WP150 is very compact and well-designed wireless phone and provides you with the most powerful business functionality, cost efficiency and mobility.

  • Features
2.0� TFT Graphic Color LCD with 176 x 220 pixels
2 soft keys to access screen based application
Navigation key with four-way and push button function
Network / Phonebook, Send / Clear / End(Power)
12 dialing keys (0-9, *, #) with characters
Volume control, Hot key for selecting user profile

  • Wireless
IEEE802.11b/g support
DSSS/OFDM with dynamic rate at 1, 2, 5.5, 6, 9, 11, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 and 54Mbps
RF Channels:Up to 14 depending on regulatory domain
Frequency Range: -2.4 – 2.497 GHz
Wireless Output Power: Maximum 20dbm adjustable by quarter dbm
Range: - 15~250m indoors depending on environment

  • Network/Connectivity
Static IP/ DHCP
Site survey and Ping support
VLAN (IEEE 802.1p)
QoS (Diffserv, WME (Wireless Multimedia Extension))

  • Voice feature
Standard Voice Protocol: SIP
Codec: g711u, g711a, g729a, g729b, g723.1
CNG (Comfort noise generation)
VAD (voice activity detection)
Adaptive jitter buffer
Echo cancellation
Silence suppression

  • Hardware
Dimensions - 133x46x14mm
Weight - 85g
Battery Capacity - 700
battery life- 3 hour talk-time
98 hour standby

European Agent/Distributor: Star Support Networks
(BE, NL, LU, CH, AT, FI, SE, NO, DK, IT, IE, GR, PL, HU, PT)
Star Support Networks (Only serious reseller or OEM inquiries before july 1st, 2005 please).

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