Motorola released a line of two port ATAs that were extensively provided by Vonage (and were locked to the Vonage service). The most common variant is the VT1005, or VT1005v locked to Vonage. For a few months, voip-supply sold them, unlocked, for about $50 (now there is no mention of them on their site). This ATA provides good service, has better than average audio quality and works with rotary dial phones, but is very cumbersome to provision. A TFTP server and a proprietary compiler for the config file is required.

Typical configuration file is motvt1005_[mac address].txt which is compiled by bticonfig.exe to yield motvt1005_[mac address].bin. On boot, the ATA attempts to load this file from the tftp server address stored in NVRAM.

First time configuration is done by connecting a DHCP client PC to the PC port of the ATA, which will be at; the PC will be assigned an address of Pointing a browser to the address of the ATA's PC port will allow configuration of the tftp server location and other aspects of the WAN port.

The VT1005's are probably the only SIP ATA's that process pulse dialing (rotary). A minor change in the configuration file (TeleSipCritialDialTimeout and TeleSipPartialDialTimeout to 4000) is needed to make pulse dialing reliable. (Yes, the spelling error is required.)

This posting in February of 2010 on Broadband Reports explains how to JTAG these devices to allow them to be used with any provider. This posting also has a link to the BTICONFIG program necessary to create your own provisioning files.
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