MultiTech Systems

MultiTech has manufactured modems for a very long time, and was one of the early manufacturers of VOIP gateways. They now support both SIP and H.323.
Their VOIP gateways range in size from 1 to 32 ports and support both FXS and FXO ports

Recently they also added PRI & BRI gateway to their portfolio.
This includes models for the North American and European market.
These models are MVP-410ST (2x BRI) , MVP-810ST (4x BRI) , MVP2410 (24-port T1/PRI), MVP3010 (30-port E1/PRI)

Multitech supports E&M signaling (2 wire and 4 wire) on their ATAs and Gateways — a feature not found on devices from most other manufactureres.

The MVP410 and MVP810 is a 4/8 ports (either FXO or FXS) Gateway.
To make the MVP410 or MVP810 work with Asterisk click here..

The MVP410ST and MVP810ST is a 4/8 ports Gateway with 2/4 BRI ports.
To make the MVP410ST or MVP810ST work with Asterisk click here..

Where to buy

  • Vietnam & ASEAN - VFONEX (Certified Multitech distributor - Unbeatable Volume Discounts- ! LIVE SUPPORT!)
  • You need it? We goti t!

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