My PhoneGnome Telephony Services Bazaar

The My PhoneGnome Telephony Services Bazaar lets users select services they want — for example, a PhoneGnome plug-in for Skype or IOTUM’s relevance call screening — and activate them directly from the My PhoneGnome site. Some services are free, others have a fee. But you can pay for them all through the PhoneGnome site.

Third-party Telephony Applications

PhoneGnome makes it practical and affordable for third-parties to deliver value-added Voice 2.0 services to existing telephony subscribers worldwide.

Start selling right away.

Partner applications appear on the My PhoneGnome portal available to PhoneGnome owners. Partner offers for value-added features and services are presented to PhoneGnome owners within an integrated customer experience. When the PhoneGnome owner selects a partner value-added option, the owner can be delivered to the Partner to complete the ecommerce transaction and activate the service/feature or the partner can avoid billing hassles and sell their services immediate by taking advantage of PhoneGnome's ecommerce and billing.

Rapid time to market.

Telephony web services let partner applications leverage and inherit all the intrinsic capabilities of the core PhoneGnome platform, including call routing, ITSP integration, Voicemail, device management, and the user-friendly My PhoneGnome portal. This means that time-to-market for your Voice 2.0 application can be reduced to near zero with far lower capital costs.

Pay as you grow economics.

The PhoneGnome platform provides a true "Pay As You Grow" model, requiring no initial large outlay for infrastructure. Instantly have an addressable market footprint of every broadband connected home in the world! Pay only as you have revenue from actual subscribers.

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