My Virtual PBX - My VPBX

My Virtual PBX (My VPBX) is an Ultimate Tool for Handling Incoming Phone Calls.

What is it?

It consists in an extremely useful, powerful and easy-to-use application for managing and directing incoming phone calls. This app is designed to give the user flexibility, freedom and control over how calls to their virtual numbers are handled.

Who can use it?

My VPBX is applicable for personal and small-medium business use, and operates as the customer's own hosted telephony service.


Using My VPBX Control Panel users are able to easily do the following:

  • Receive calls from one or many local numbers.?
  • Forward calls to any phone number or VoIP destination.?
  • Play back custom recorded messages to callers.
  • Direct calls using extension numbers.
  • Send calls to a voice-mail box.
  • Send voice-mail messages to selected email addresses.
  • Receive faxes and forward them to an email address.?
  • Access a dial tone from configured DID numbers.
  • Host conference calls.

Where to find it?

It's available as a Facebook App here

See also

  • Virtual Business PBX - is a resource for comparing Virtual PBX systems for business usage.
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