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MySIPSwitch is a VoIP open-source software under BSD licence and a free service.

This is a web-based PBX sponsored by Blueface to allow multi-user management of diverse SIP providers and allow central management of any SIP based VoIP service. It basically means that you can use many SIP accounts with a single piece of hardware (IP Phone, ATA or softphone). You can set up a dial plan which will handle your incoming and outgoing calls. The range of possibility is wide and getting wider very often due to improvements from the team of developers.

The development language is C#, the database environment is PostgreSQL and the interface is a website.
The source code can be downloaded on SIPSwitch's page on Codeplex.


  • SIP account creation
  • Setting up a customised dial plan (based on Asterisk syntax or in Ruby)
  • Setting up 3rd party SIP Registrations
  • SIP traffic forwarding
  • SIP Accounts activity monitoring via the website
  • SIP traffic monitoring via telnet
  • Call blocking
  • ENUM lookups
  • Speed dial
  • Caller ID management

How it works

  • Online or local version

You can use the service for free on My SIP Switch's website or install your own instance.

  • Dial Plan

You can set it up with 2 different syntaxes, one based on Asterisk's syntax and the other one with Ruby. For more complete and powerful dial plans, Ruby proves to be a great tool. The team gave example in their forum and blog so don't be afraid of the "programming".

The dial plan will allow you to block calls, forward calls to other SIP accounts or a PSTN number (or GSM), use ENUM lookups for outgoing calls, do multiple forwarding depending on your availability, route calls depending on the time of the day, fork incoming calls to various end points ...
That also allows you to make your outgoing calls with the most advantageous of your providers depending on the destination.

  • Audio Codec:
MySIPSwitch has 'nothing to do with media'. It deals only with SIP Signaling so it does not affect voice quality at all.

According to Vinay here: "when we tested their SIP registration, the call quality was excellent and so you do not need to worry which codec will be used to carry your voice."


If you are using multiple SIP accounts and if your equipment allows only one, MySIPSwitch is a great tool.
It is possible to take an incoming call from one provider and forward it onto another provider without having to have a device registered. This makes it possible to receive a call without the need for a VoIP device at all. more info

Citation from Andy Abramson : "There is something here to keep me thinking about the possibilities as more users and business get on SIP." (Main article: more info)

Source code

The code is downloadable from CodePlex : MySIPSwitch on CodePlex
They used to be on SourceForge but changed recently.


  • November 2006 : Created by Aaron Clauson from Blueface
  • January 2007 : Improvements thanks to user's feedback
  • April 2007 : New features: call management functions, new dial plan interface
  • July 2007 : Creation of a dedicated forum : more info
  • August 2007 : Bugs corrections and 3rd party registrations improvements
  • October 2007 : New layout (it now looks much better)
  • October 2007 : new feature: possibility to use the dial plan for incoming calls : more info
  • February 2008 : Ruby dial plan and click to call feature
  • April 2008 : handle ENUM lookups
  • February 2009 : Rubywizard : tool which automatically create Ruby Dial Plans : Rubyzard


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