MySQL Setup for FC6, Asterisk, AstPP and ComtelPBX

1) Set Permissions:
chown mysql:mysql -R /var/lib/mysql/data/

2) Automatic Launch:
Copy /var/lib/mysql/support-files/mysql.server to /etc/init.d/mysql
Do bash# chkconfig --add mysql && chkconfig --levels 345 mysql on

3) Build DBD::MySQL with the new client library in the client servers. You can download the source here:

Make sure mysql_config is in your path. If it's not you can add it this way:
export PATH=$PATH:/usr/bin/mysql
Then you just need to do this:
perl Makefile.PL
make install

4) Old Passwords Support:
Put this line in /etc/my.cnf file (global mysql configuration file):

5) Open access through iptables-save:
[0:0] -A INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 3306 -j ACCEPT

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