MySQL custom ringtones

Custom ringtones

This is a little script that will you let personalize
ringwave on a Snom phone and every phone that supports ALERT_INFO
field ( i.e. Cisco phones ).
You must place this script before the DIAL or QUEUE statement and
it will choose the best ringwave for the type of call specified.
It bases is search on a mysql table that contains a prefix for the callerid,
a prefix for the called extension and the filename of the ringtone.
when a call comes in this script matches the callerid and the called extension
with the database. Keep in mind that it gives precedence basing on the maximum
length of the best matching pattern but caller pattern has a 10x multiplier so
it is 10 time more important the caller than the called extension.

Let us see some examples:

the table contains


supposed that the local dialplan states that 8XX are local
number everyone will have "external.wav" as ringtone for external
calls and "internal.wav" BUT the 805 extension will have "myexternal.wav"
for external calls and "myinternal.wav" for internal calls.
you can be more and more precise adding more prefix for calls local to
you city, your country and so on.
the ringwaves must reside on a web server so that phones can download
them as they need them.

here is the script:

exten => s-sound,1,MYSQL(Connect connid myhostname login password databasename)
exten => s-sound,2,MySQL(Query resultid ${connid} SELECT\ ringwave\,CASE WHEN ISNULL(cid_from)\ then\ 0\ ELSE\ LENGTH(cid_from)*10\ END+CASE\ WHEN\ ISNULL(cid_to)\ then\ 0\ ELSE\ LENGTH(cid_to)\ END\ from\ ringer\ where\ (cid_from\ is\ NULL\ OR\ LEFT(\"${CALLERIDNUM}\"\,LENGTH(cid_from))=cid_from)\ AND\ (cid_to\ is\ NULL\ OR\ LEFT(\"${ARG1}\"\,LENGTH(cid_to))=cid_to)\ order\ by\ 2\ desc)
exten => s-sound,3,Noop(result1 ${resultid})
exten => s-sound,4,GotoIf($[empty${resultid} = empty]?30:5)
exten => s-sound,5,MYSQL(Fetch foundrow ${resultid} selectedringwave)
exten => s-sound,6,Noop(foundrow ${foundrow})
exten => s-sound,7,GotoIf($["${foundrow}" = "1"]?100:30)

exten => s-sound,30,SetVar(ALERT_INFO=${DEFAULT_SOUND))
exten => s-sound,31,Goto(s-sound,110)

exten => s-sound,100,SetVar(ALERT_INFO=http://webserver/${selectedtingwave))
exten => s-sound,101,Goto(s-sound,110)

exten => s-sound,110,MYSQL(Clear ${resultid} )
exten => s-sound,111,MYSQL(Disconnect ${connid})
exten => s-sound,112,Goto ( goto DIAL statement )

Here is the MySQL table needed:

cid_from char(20) default NULL,
cid_to char(20) default NULL,
ringwave char(20) default NULL
) ;

have a nice ring.

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