NAT survey

This is a survey of types of NAT in various equipment.
See NAT and VOIP for more information about the problems with IP-telephony and NAT.
Use STUN clients to test equipment and add your result here using either cone NAT,
restricted cone NAT, port restricted NAT or symmetric NAT (see here for definitions).

  • W-Linx
    • MB400-X2: cone NAT
  • D-Link
    • DI-604: cone NAT
    • DI-624: cone NAT (if "Game mode" is enabled, else Symmetric NAT)
    • 500G Adsl router: Symmetric NAT

  • DSLink
    • 220e Adsl router: Symmetric NAT

  • ZOOM
    • X4: port restricted cone NAT

  • Acer
    • WLAN 11b Broadband Router: port restricted cone NAT

  • Linksys
    • BEFW11S4 v3.2: Full Cone NAT
    • WRT54G Port Restricted Cone NAT

  • Zyxel
    • 660 Series (Including HW61) : Symmetrical NAT and plus HW61 has SIP ALG which tryes to solve NAT problems (but does it wrongly)

  • NetGear
    • MR314: Full Cone NAT for UDP and Symetric NAT for TCP

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