NEBS stands for "Network Equipment-Building System"

Its a standard developed by Bell Labs (now Telcordia or Bellcore) in the 1970s.
It specifies things like maximum EMI emissions, environmental operating conditions, etc.
Most RBOCs, CLECs, and ILECs require their computers and other networking equipment to be "NEBS Compliant".

Note: Most ILECs and RBOCs actually require devices to be NEBS Certified not just NEBS Compliant. The difference is that for NEBS Certification requires a 3rd party labratory (such as MET Labs) to actually verifiy and document the product's compliance. Obtaining NEBS Certification is expensive and takes a good amount of time. One of the tests is to actually set the device on fire and see how long it takes to self-extinguish. No joke.

NEBS has 3 levels. Level 3 is the higest level and specified to assure equipment will operate in harsh conditions and not interfere with other equipment.

The two most frequently used NEBS documents
  • GR-63-CORE?Network Equipment-Building System Requirements: Physical Protection
  • GR-1089-CORE?Electromagnetic Compatibility and Electrical Safety?Generic Criteria for Network Telecommunications Equipment.

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