NbooM is looking for buyers to sell its Asterisk based VOIP solutions at a very reasonable price. This is a golden opportunity to hit the ground running with a VOIP business that has tremendous potential. NbooM’s Asterisk based VOIP business is in production with customers. It is very efficient and can be managed by very few resources. Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to make it big? This is your chance! Take the first big step in the fastest growing VOIP industry. Buy something that’s already built, tested and used. Email legal@nboom.com for further information. List below shows some of the assets that will/may be sold:
• Well-configured, secure, reliable Asterisk architecture running on linux
• Secure, fast and reliable public web site running on linux powered by apache
• Robust and modular database architecture to store all customer/Asterisk related information
• Automated customers signup and credit card processing platform integrated in the website
• Automatic daily billing platform based on the service usage
• Online account management, CDR view/download and other tools for customers integrated within the web interface
• Email system to support different departments and mailboxes within the company
• Several call plans and reseller programs offered to the customers *********************************************************************************************

NbooM incoming(DID) service is here!!!

Numbers(DIDs) available in most states

Only $7.99/month

Free voicemail/ Free unlimited incoming calls included

For more information goto https://www.nboom.com/incoming.php

Get Rich!

Don't just save money on your VOIP service, make money on your VOIP service!

NbooM reseller tools make it possible for anyone to start a VOIP business

For more information goto https://www.nboom.com/faq.php


  • You live anywhere in the world and need to make calls to the phone numbers in USA without paying any more than 2.3 cents per minute, without monthly commitments, tax, hidden fees, contracts or time restrictions
  • You are a corporation with many world travelers frequently calling their homes in USA from foreign countries (Don't let the hotels rip you off on the telephone call charges.....)
  • You are curious about VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service and need to check it out without signing up for any contracts (Why be committed to service contracts if you just want to try it out? No need to worry about cancellation fees. We don't have any...)
  • You are a technical expert exploring the VOIP revolution and need a backbone service provider to further develop your own VOIP solutions
  • You are a small/medium size business based in either USA or around the globe and need to save money by using the power of the broadband based phone service
  • You are a foreign call center constantly calling your customer base in USA
  • You have a desire to make money by taking advantage of the VOIP revolution (Try our reseller program and start making money ASAP. Cost of starting your own VOIP business to make money: $23)


  • Ability to call any USA numbers from anywhere in the world for as low as 2.3 cents per minute, anytime of the day, for as long as you want without any monthly commitments, tax, hidden fees or contracts
  • Ability to start your own VOIP service via the reseller tools
  • Ability to create different accounts for different devices to better manage device usage
  • Ability to manage your account online
  • Ability to view the call details online
  • Ability to download call details(Excel format)
  • You only pay for the calls made. Therefore, this service can be used as a backup phone service on as needed basis
  • Excellent idea for small/medium businesses to explore the VOIP solution and cut down the communications cost significantly
  • Excellent support to assist you with your questions/problems

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